Baldor Rivergold

Struggling merchant of Esgaroth


Baldor Rivergold is a middle-aged man whose countenance displays the evidence of more years than he has actually lived. He used to adventure in the Wilderland region but has long been retired from his adventuring lifestyle. He is rather rotund and lacks social grace, preferring to be more direct and practical in social encounters. His son Belgo looks up to him but there is clearly something unspoken that lies between them. He is shorter than most men like many of his kin and his hair is beginning to turn gray. He enjoys smoking his pipe in his free time. Since the destruction of his home in Esgaroth by Smaug, he has been forced to try his luck on the Forest Road through Mirkwood in order to sell his goods to the Woodsmen in the West. Baldor is clearly not prepared for the darkness that looms over Mirkwood. He has sought out adventurers to accompany him and his son in their perilous journey across the forbidding wood. Luckily, he was able to call on an old favor with the Elves of the Woodland Hall and gain passage on the river leading to Thranduil’s Hall.

He was once a rich merchant of Lake-town, but he lost a great deal when the Dragon fell on the city. Not only was his fortune destroyed, but his wife Halla also perished. He carried his young son out of the flames, but could not find his wife. While others have found prosperity in the years since the Battle of Five Armies, he has not been so lucky. He moved to Dale when its reconstruction started, but he has yet to rebuild his former wealth. Young Belgo is a good lad, his father’s pride and joy.

After their journey across Mirkwood and the loss of his son, Baldor has decided to remain in Woodsmen Town for a time. There, he is taken care of during his time of mourning for Belgo.

Baldor Rivergold

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